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Looking for a way to share lesson content with your students outside the classroom and language lab? Want to keep your students engaged?

Declan Channels is a great way for language teachers and schools to share course content with students on their mobile devices.

Download the PDF white-paper for complete details:

Declan Channels PDFPDF download

3 Month Free Introductory Trail

Contact us now to setup your Declan Channel and share it with your students FREE for the 3 months! No up-front payment - no questions asked. Just give it a try!

Share course content with students

What's a channel?

A Channel is a collection of course-specific words and phrases (with audio pronunciations) that are organised by lesson or chapter.

Using channels

Students download their course Channel using the free Declan Channels app (for iOS and Android) and use the app's review and flashcards features to learn the course material, lesson by lesson, chapter by chapter.

What languages?

Declan Channels is able to handle any language pair, in either direction.

Intellectual property

The channel materials are delivered to the app in an encrypted format to ensure intellectual rights are protected. Additionally, offering this material via an app rather than a website further guards against copying and unwanted sharing.

Copy protection

The Channel codes prevent unwanted sharing and copying of the course material. Channel codes are single-use and specific to each student's device. Channel codes can also be set to expire.

How to get started

Send us an email or give us a call if you are interested in offering your course content to your foreign language students. And we will talk you through the options and the setup process.

Declan Channels PDF PDF download

Download the PDF white paper for complete details.

The Declan Channels App

How students learn the content with the iOS/Android App

Student installs the App

Download and install Declan Channels for iOS and Android

Students can download and install the Declan Channels app on their iOS or Android device (both phone and tablet) from the App Stores. Just search for 'Declan Channels'.

Load the course Channel

Private Korean Language Teacher

Using a unique code provided by the teacher, school or book publisher, the student can load the Channel containing the course content onto Declan Channels on their device.

Learn the material

Private Korean Language Teacher

The student then uses Declan Channel's flashcards feature to learn the word and phrases, topic by topic, lesson by lesson, chapter by chapter. Start by reviewing the words and phrases, and then complete the exercises.

Successful student

Private Korean Language Teacher

The result is a student who can review that material at leisure on their phone or tablet and is therefore better prepared for class and more likely to retain the course material.

pricing plans

Choose the plan to match the number of courses you offer and number of students

Free Trial

$03 month trial

  • 1 channel
  • 50 students


$249per year

  • 2 channels
  • 100 students


$549per year

  • 5 channels
  • 250 students


$1549per year

  • 15 channels
  • 750 students


$3549per year

  • 35 channels
  • unlimited students
  • A single channel is limited to 32 topics/chapters/lessons; and 100 words/phrases per topic.
  • Channel codes are provided for the number of students in each subscription plan.
  • The channel codes are unique to each student.
  • The channel codes are single-use and are bound to each student's device upon first use.

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